Bridal Accessories

Modern-day weddings tend to be very involved. Not only is the wedding ceremony a huge event to plan in and of itself, but there are many minor details that also need to be addressed. These range from location to guest lists to musicians to attire to catering to many other things.

The list seems endless. One of those minor details are bridal accessories. They may seem like something that is not important, but with a little attention, they could make a bride’s special day even more memorable.

First, there are a variety of accessories the bride should wear that will accentuate the colours of the wedding ceremony. While the bride’s wedding dress will be white, she will usually have accessories in a different colour. One of the first accessories the attendees will see is the bouquet. The bouquet should match the colours of the bridesmaids’ dresses and their bouquets.

However, it should not be identical to the bouquets of the bridesmaids as it the bridal bouquet is usually much larger. Often, brides choose a bouquet that is similar to the flowers that are on the wedding cake.

Another accessory that brides often wear in the colour of the accent is a ribbon, perhaps in their hair or around the waist of the dress. Some brides choose to wear gloves as they make their way to the alter. With the right dress, a gorgeous pair of white gloves could look stunning. It could also have bit of the accent colour in the trim or detail work to tie the wedding colours together.

Match your Bridal Jewelry


bridal jewelry


Another important bridal accessory to think about is jewelry. There are a lot of jewelry pieces that a bride may want to wear. The necklace and the bracelet should match. They should also be of a similar style and colour to those that the bridesmaids are wearing. Earrings can be a gorgeous way to frame that bride’s face.

They should also be carefully be matched to the other jewelry worn and specific attention should be paid to the type of hairstyle that will be used as some earrings do not look good with particular hairstyles. Often, brides choose to wear jewelry that is sentimental, perhaps what belonged to a grandmother or aunt. It is important that the bride not wear any rings to the wedding ceremony as the engagement and wedding rings should be the center of attention.

Additional jewelry could include hair pieces, such as decorated hair pins, barrettes, head bands, tiaras, etc. Be sure to plan your hairstyle before choosing hair pieces, as many pieces will not go with particular styles. Many brides choose to wear a veil or small facial covering, such as a bird’s nest. These accessories, while becoming less common, are a traditional part of the modern wedding. The veil should be chosen carefully.

First, it must match the wedding dress in style and colour. A mismatched veil could be disastrous. Second, the veil must go with the desired hairstyle. A long or short veil may or may not work with the desired style. To know for sure, test out the veil with a hairstyle that is similar to the one you will be using on the wedding day.

Bridal Footwear

bridal footwear

Shoes are one of the most important accessories to think about. The bride will be standing in the shoes all day long and, therefore, the shoes need to not only look great, but should also be very comfortable. Many brides choose to wear high heels for the ceremony and flats or flip flops for the wedding reception. Be sure to practice walking in the shoes often before the special day. Heels that are too high or do not fit right could make for a disastrous entrance during the wedding procession.

They could also get in the hem of the dress and pull or cause the bride to trip. If the bride chooses a different pair of shoes to wear for the wedding reception, she should be sure that the dress is not too long or will not drag on the ground.

Bridal Lingerie

Accessory that most on-lookers will not see are the lingerie sets. A bride should feel completely comfortable on her day. She may want to choose some type of shape-wear to make her appear more slim or to allow the dress to fit better. Some even choose to wear a corset if the dress is very tight or the waist of the dress is very small.

Brides should not wear extremely fancy panties or bra as these tend to be less comfortable. Instead, they should wear nude cotton sets and perhaps a slip over top to avoid underwear lines and discomfort. Any lingerie for the honeymoon night should be brought along to change into later.

The accessories a bride wears on her wedding day are very important. She should not wait until the last minute to think about which accessories she wants to include in her special day as these accessories often make the wedding glamorous and elegant.

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